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What Should I Get – Memory Foam or Gel Memory Foam Mattress?

Sleep is the most vital component of your day. The hours you sleep makes you ready for a new day. The selection of a comfortable, relaxing, and foamy mattress is very important when it comes to getting a night of good sleep. There are multiple options available when it comes to mattresses. But, the one you choose should depend upon your sleeping habits, for instance, how soft, hard or cool you want your mattress to be? Or what kind of sleeper you are? Or do you get disturbed by motion or not?

Both gel and memory foam mattresses are popularly used and have their benefits and drawbacks.

Memory Foam Mattress

These mattresses were first made to provide space travelers a comfortable seat that is able to withstand all the gravity changes.

These mattresses are basically made up of polyurethane and other chemicals that make it behave like a viscoelastic material. And like all other viscoelastic materials, it has properties to expand and retaining its shape back.  


Back Support

The memory foam mattress is the most popular mattress for people who struggled to get a good night’s sleep, or for people who couldn’t sleep because of their back and shoulder pain they provide the maximum support to the back, neck, and shoulder because of its firmness.

Motion Transfer

Another great quality of these mattresses is that they resist motion transfer, they are so firm and dense that even if a person moves, the partner would not be able to feel it.


Memory foams have an average lifespan of a decade, these foams are low maintenance and don’t require much care.


Retains Heat

The only major drawback of these foams is that they absorb body heat and retain it, so if the room is not temperature controlled the person will feel uncomfortable.

Gel Foam Mattress

Gel foam mattresses are popular because of their ability to remain cool and control the temperature at night. These mattresses are infused with polyurethane gel material that keeps a person comfortable at night.

These mattresses beneath the gel layer have added layers of foam that prevents you from sinking and provides the firmness that makes you sleep comfortably.


Good for spine

Gel foam mattresses are resilient and provide more comfort and support than traditional mattresses. Like all other memory foam mattresses, gel memory foam is famous for back and spine support. These mattresses have a softer feel to it but resist sinking.

Cool and relaxing sleep

Unlike all other heat-trapping foams, these foams have the advantage that it keeps you cool until you fall asleep. It not only provides back support but also relaxes a body while sleeping.


Cooling Effect

Gel memory foam is popular for their cooling effect because of infused gel, But its major drawback is, that this cooling effect usually fades away later at night. It keeps the body cool initially but after absorbing body heat will not feel as cool as it initially was.